Learn more about Takeda ID - FAQ


What is the Takeda ID?


Your Takeda ID will give you instant access to all Takeda services via one single log-in. You will have one user profile and one login, giving you a personalised digital experience designed to meet your needs and a more streamlined experience when interacting with Takeda.



What is a Health Care Professional Status?


For certain content, Takeda is legally required to verify that we are interacting with a "Health Care Professional" (HCP). Therefore, the Takeda ID is required to indicate whether we have listed you as a verified HCP. If you are a HCP and are interested in the Takeda ID, please contact your sales representative.



When do I use my Takeda ID?


Any time when interacting with Takeda Services, you will be asked to sign in with your Takeda ID and password. However, for Takeda Services that are not integrated with Takeda ID your separate user account remains valid.



How many Takeda IDs do I need?


Just one. Your email and password are all that are required to securely manage access to all your Takeda services.



How can I keep my Takeda ID secure?


Security and privacy are very important to Takeda. Therefore, we are using state-of-the art security controls to protect your Takeda ID. In some situations, we also might ask you for a two-factor authentication. Please help us protecting your Takeda ID by applying good password practices and protecting the confidentiality of your password.